The Beartooth Highway Opens In Late May/Early June

The Beartooth Highway is currently closed to motor vehicle traffic.  Each year in early November winter snows close the Beartooth Highway to over the road travel.  During winter months the Beartooth Highway and surround area provide spectacular winter sports opportunities including snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.  Highway plowing beings in late spring every year and the Beartooth Highway typically opens to motor vehicle traffic in time for Memorial Day.  2013 road opening information is provided here.

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Did You Know?

Fishing Beartooth Highway

The cutthroat is the only true western native trout. Originally wide spread throughout the state, it is now relegated to the higher, cooler, more inaccessible back country lakes and streams. Cutthroats are easily identified by the bright red “cut” on the lower jaw.


Beartooth Highway Wyoming & Montana

Whirlpools often form when water rushes through a rough channel.  Water glancing off rocks starts spinning as it is hit by other water rushing by.  Any material caught up in the whirlpool will spin with the water.  In time, spinning sand, pebbles and grave may carve potholes, like the ones seen in the rocks above the bridge.  During the construction of Lake Creek bridge, boulders were removed from the creek’s bed the water channel was changed exposing the potholes.  Watch for them when you visit Lake Creek Falls.