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Friends Of The Beartooth All-American Road - Partnerships - Beartooth Highway | Montana & Wyoming Scenic Drives

Friends Of The Beartooth All-American Road – Partnerships

Friends Of The Beartooth All-American Road – Partnerships

“The Beartooth All-American Road will be managed in a manner that protects corridor resources; enhances visitor appreciation of the scenic, natural, recreational, cultural, historical and archaeological qualities of the corridor; and integrates the primary transportation role of the highway with other tourism attractions in the Northeast
Yellowstone Scenic Corridors”

Partnerships are key!

It is the partnerships between local, state and federal agencies, and the people who care about the Beartooth All-American Road that will ensure that FBAAR can continue to implement the BAAR Corridor Management plan and support new and innovative projects in the future.

Gateway Community Chambers of Commerce

The Cody Country Chamber of Commerce in Cody Wyoming, Cooke City / Silver Gate Area Chamber of Commerce in Cooke City, Montana, and Red Lodge Chamber of Commerce in Red Lodge, Montana have been FBAAR partners since its inception. These three organizations continue to provide volunteer time and matching funding dollars whenever FBAAR is in need. They are truly the backbone of the FBAAR organization!

Custer, Gallatin & Shoshone National Forests

With portions of the Beartooth Highway running through all of these beautiful National Forests FBAAR receives support from all three! Support comes in the way of volunteer time, professional consultation, written documentations and by allowing FBAAR to participate in the development and planning of BAAR projects. These agencies also sit on the Beartooth Highway Steering Committee.

The DOT’s

Both the Montana and Wyoming Departments of Transportation are strong supporters of FBAAR. MTDOT acts as facilitator for the National Scenic Byways grant monies that FBAAR secures, and provide assistance with road signage, maintenance, and resource materials. They also work their hearts out every Memorial Day weekend to ensure that the Beartooth Highway is open for the summer travel season. WYDOT provides support to FBAAR through their Scenic Byways Coordinator, and assists with signage on the Highway. Both of these agencies also sit on the Beartooth Highway Steering Committee.

Yellowstone National Park Service

As a main caretaker of the Beartooth Highway YNPS plays a crucial role in ensuring the Road is open and maintained each year. Northeast Entrance Park Rangers are always helpful and responsive to questions about road conditions, and YNPS is careful to include Beartooth Highway road information in all of their publications. YNPS staff also sits on the Beartooth Highway Steering Committee.

Federal Highway Administration / Federal Lands Highway Division

Since the 1990’s FHWA has worked with other cooperating agencies on a major initiative to repair major sections of the Beartooth Highway, and to work on a resolution to the long-term stewardship of the Beartooth Highway. FHWA staff sit on the Beartooth Highway Steering Committee.

Beartooth Highway Steering Committee

The Beartooth Highway Steering works cooperatively to secure funding for the repair and upgrading of substandard sections of the Highway. Because no government agency has claimed ownership of large segments of the roadway through much of its history (refer to “An Orphaned Highway” published in Public Roads, July-August, 2006 for additional history)the Steering Committee was formed in the 1990’s to address repair, maintenance and plowing issue on the Highway. The committee consists of Federal Highway Administration, Nation Park Service, Nation Forest Service, and MTDOT & WYDOT personnel, and other community partners.

Travel & Tourism Departments

Travel Montana and Wyoming Travel & Tourism work tirelessly to promote the great states of Montana and Wyoming. Both agencies have provided both matching dollars and in-kind contributions to FBAAR. Many of the images seen on this web site were taken by the great photographers who are on-staff and working to get the best shots of both states.

Park County Travel Council

The Park County, Wyoming Travel Council worked in cooperation with FBAAR to develop the “Beartooth and East Yellowstone Scenic Drives” brochure that is widely distributed throughout the Norther Rocky Mountain region.

Special thanks go to all of these great partners who are looking out for the health and future of the Beartooth All-American Road.

Did You Know?


Friends of the Beartooth All-American Road

Friends of the Beartooth All-American Road is a non-profit organization established to interpret, showcase & preserve the Beartooth All- American Road as the nation’s premier rooftop scenic experience through the partnerships among gateway communities and agencies. Much of FBAAR’s work is guided by the Corridor Management Plan that was written to secure the All-American Road designation with the National Scenic Byways Program.  Contributions to the organization ensure on-going support of the beartoothhighway.com website and distribution of the Beartooth Highway RoadReport e-newsletter.




Beartooth Highway Wyoming & Montana

Whirlpools often form when water rushes through a rough channel.  Water glancing off rocks starts spinning as it is hit by other water rushing by.  Any material caught up in the whirlpool will spin with the water.  In time, spinning sand, pebbles and grave may carve potholes, like the ones seen in the rocks above the bridge.  During the construction of Lake Creek bridge, boulders were removed from the creek’s bed the water channel was changed exposing the potholes.  Watch for them when you visit Lake Creek Falls.