Beartooth Highway Update 5/28/13 – 12:30 pm

Updated from Montana Department of Transportation – 5/28/13 12:30 pm

US-212; South of Red Lodge  The Beartooth Pass is now open all the way to Cooke City.  Travelers should watch for possible icy spots when the temperature drops and be aware the Pass could be closed at any time should inclement weather occur.

Special thank to all of the folks at MTDOT for keeping us updated and to all of those snow plow drivers!


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Did You Know?

Fishing Beartooth Highway

The cutthroat is the only true western native trout. Originally wide spread throughout the state, it is now relegated to the higher, cooler, more inaccessible back country lakes and streams. Cutthroats are easily identified by the bright red “cut” on the lower jaw.


Friends of the Beartooth All-American Road

Friends of the Beartooth All-American Road is a non-profit organization established to interpret, showcase & preserve the Beartooth All- American Road as the nation’s premier rooftop scenic experience through the partnerships among gateway communities and agencies. Much of FBAAR’s work is guided by the Corridor Management Plan that was written to secure the All-American Road designation with the National Scenic Byways Program.  Contributions to the organization ensure on-going support of the website and distribution of the Beartooth Highway RoadReport e-newsletter.