NE Entrance to Yellowstone Park/Cooke City, Montana Opens

The Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone National Park and the western most 17 miles of the Beartooth Highway have opened for the travel season. Visitors may access the Cooke City/Silver Gate/Colter Pass area and Yellowstone by traveling Wyoming’s spectacular Chief Joseph Scenic Byway ( WY 296) to its intersection with the Beartooth Highway then traveling west Continue Reading

Beartooth Highway Trip Planning

The Beartooth Highway is a 68 mile stretch of US Highway 212 that, from its western most terminus at the Northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park, runs east to Red Lodge, Montana. The Highway begins and ends in Montana, with a large portion also located within the northwest corner of the State of Wyoming. BecauseContinue Reading

Beartooth Highway – 2015 Snowplowing Videos

Many of you have been calling and emailing to ask if there is a way to watch the springtime plowing on the Beartooth Highway. Here are some great links that will keep you in touch and fired up about your 2015 summer trip! Montana DOT Videos of the Beartooth Highway The Montana Department of TransportationContinue Reading

Snow Warning Issed – 9/10 & 9/11, 2014

Yellowstone National Park Service has shared the following heavy snow warning for the Beartooth Highway and upper elevations including Beartooth Pass.  Travelers need to check weather conditions with local area chambers of commerce before traveling the Beartooth Highway on these days, and should drive with extreme caution only if conditions allow.  Road closures will beContinue Reading

Clay Butte Lookout Tower Celebrates Designation

Clay Butte Lookout Tower Celebrates Designation

Cody, Wyo. (August 12, 2014) – The Shoshone National Forest and the Friends of Clay Butte will hold a free, public ceremony on Saturday, August 23th at 2:00pm. The ceremony will celebrate the lookout’s placement on the National Register of Historic Places. The ceremony will be held at the Clay Butte Lookout tower along ForestContinue Reading

Beartooth Highway Receives Prestigious National Register Listing

National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Yellowstone National Park P.O. Box 168 Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 20, 2014 14-040 Al Nash or Dan Hottle (307) 344-2015 ——————————————————————————- YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK NEWS RELEASE ——————————————————————————- Beartooth Highway Receives Prestigious National Register Listing The Beartooth Highway, often considered one ofContinue Reading

Beartooth Highway Opens May 23, 2014

Beartooth Highway Opens May 23, 2014

The entire Beartooth Highway including Beartooth Pass will open Friday, May 23, 2014. Traffic gates will open at 9:00 am at both ends of the Highway. Travelers will be able to drive the entire 68 miles of the Highway from Red Lodge to Cooke City, Montana. The Chief Joseph Scenic Byway (WY 296) is alsoContinue Reading

Beartooth Highway Economic Impact Survey Results Released

Friends of the Beartooth All-American Road today released the final report for the Beartooth Highway Economic Impact Survey. The purpose of this study was to assess the economic impacts and visitor use of the Beartooth Highway. Until now, little was known about visitors to the Beartooth Highway Region. Data was collected from visitors during theContinue Reading

Temporary Road Closure Announced 9/24/13

National Park Service | U.S. Department of the Interior Yellowstone National Park P.O. Box 168 Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sept. 24, 2013@10:30 am 13-089 Al Nash or Dan Hottle (307) 344-2015 —————————————————- YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK NEWS RELEASE —————————————————- In light of the incoming winter storm, the Montana Department of Transportation,Continue Reading

When Visiting the Beartooth Highway this fall – Be Bear Aware

Available foods will bring bears to lower elevations this fall Unlike the last two years which produced abundant crops of whitebark pine seeds, this year few cones were produced by the high elevation trees. Due to the low yield whitebark pine crop, we are expecting an increase in human-bear encounters in the backcountry this fallContinue Reading

Did You Know?

Clay Butte Lookout - Beartooth Highway

The Clay Butte Lookout was built in 1942 by the Civilian Conservation Corps and was used as a fire lookout. It was staffed until the 1960s, when aircraft proved a better tool for fire detection. Today, because of its popular scenic vantage point and proximity to the Beartooth Highway, Clay Butte is used as a visitor information site. It was remodeled in 1962 and has been staffed since 1975 by volunteers. The focus of Clay Butte today is to give visitors a glimpse of how fire lookouts functioned 60 years ago. Sightseers driving the scenic byway stop to obtain information or take in the view, which includes wildlife, botanical areas, the effects of the Clover-Mist wildfire of 1988, and the geology of ancient seas that once covered the Beartooth Plateau.


Beartooth Highway Wyoming & Montana

Whirlpools often form when water rushes through a rough channel.  Water glancing off rocks starts spinning as it is hit by other water rushing by.  Any material caught up in the whirlpool will spin with the water.  In time, spinning sand, pebbles and grave may carve potholes, like the ones seen in the rocks above the bridge.  During the construction of Lake Creek bridge, boulders were removed from the creek’s bed the water channel was changed exposing the potholes.  Watch for them when you visit Lake Creek Falls.